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First published in 1886, the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) is the most respected and influential publication within pharmacy, the industry and government.


The AJP is published by the Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company (APPco), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL), Australia’s oldest and largest pharmacist member organisation.


The AJP is the official publication of PDL. is an exciting website for pharmacists for Features, News, and access to read AJP online. Become a website member and join in the conversation on the Forum.

The complete business and professional journal for pharmacists

Australia’s largest circulating pharmacy publication

Our unrivalled understanding of Pharmacists’ needs and behaviour means that the AJP is the most authoritative and influential editorial platform in pharmacy. Every issue provides AJP readers with the latest news and articles by pharmacy’s leaders and experts, together with feature articles and regular continuing professional education. Every issue offers AJP advertisers a range of editorial environments from which to communicate with Australian pharmacists.


Now in its 131st year, the AJP remains the most respected and influential publication within pharmacy, the industry and government— providing a credible platform for your advertising. By advertising in the AJP, your promotions and campaigns will reach the majority of community pharmacists in Australia.


With an audited average net distribution of more than 20,000, the AJP reaches more community pharmacists than any other pharmacy publication.


From professional and industry commentary, pharmacy business and professional practice, to news and analysis, and product news—no other pharmacy publication offers the same breadth and depth of editorial coverage. No other publication provides the same promotional opportunities.


By advertising in the AJP, your ads will automatically be published in the AJP Online, providing greater longevity and continuing exposure to all AJP advertising campaigns— all at no additional cost to the advertiser.




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